Great Qin Empire 3

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Bai Qi counted them on his fingers. The two prefectures in the hinterland of the State of Zhao reached from Guanzhong to Longxi, the two prefectures in the north reached Yanmen and Dai prefectures, and the newly established Yunzhong prefecture reached from Shang Yu. Besides, the State of Qin had a thousand miles of Bashu, six hundred miles of Nanjun, and three hundred miles of Hanoi, but how did the State of Zhao offset them? Wu Sidan still refuses to accept, there are thousands of miles of grasslands in the north of Zhao, how can the wild mountains and poor mountain villages in Bashu be compared? Bai Qi is laughing again, general usdan, the abundance of Bashu has been catching up with the Guanzhong, number of Tianfu, don't you believe it? Don't believe! Ustan made a hard sentence. OK! Bai Qi was drunk and clapped his hands on the table. General Ustan didn't have to trudge along the mountain path. I sent a warship. How about you just go straight up the river from Yiling to Bashu? It was in this way that Zhao Yong entered Bashu directly and easily. Not to mention that he was greatly shocked by the warship building, refined iron smelting and silk medicinal materials in the canyon of Ba County. When he stood by Dujiangyan and looked at the villages connected by chickens, lives, dogs and smoke, the scene of fertile fields in Guanzhong suddenly flashed out in front of his eyes. For almost a whole hour, he stood staring and thinking, but did not say a word. That Li Bing is too magical, how can the state of Qin have such incredible water workers? East out of the gorge river, and then step on the south county, he has given birth to the sincere respect for the state of Qin. At the same time, the warring States fought for land, and that big country had won hundreds of miles of land. It was possible to turn the land into an integral law so quickly and steadily, and immediately form the effective strength of its own country. Who did it? The state of Zhao got the plain of three hundred Li west of the state of Qi, which is still sparsely populated. It could not keep the original people of Qi, and the people of Zhao did not want to move in, so they could only be the fief of the king of the plain. The State of Wei had occupied the land of Hexi of the State of Qin for more than fifty years, but it was always unable to govern the people and support them. Instead, it became a burden to the State of Wei during the reign of King Hui of Wei. The State of Qi destroyed the State of Song, and after ten years of defense,Magnesium Sulphate price, the people of the Song Dynasty did not cover up the heat. The people of the Song Dynasty were separated from each other, and eventually they became a piece of charcoal that they had to let go. The State of Yan destroyed the State of Qi for six years, but ended up empty-handed, except for plundering the goods. The State of Chu even devoured Wu and Yue for thousands of Li, but it made the land of Wu and Yue not as rich and powerful as Wu and Yue in the Spring and Autumn Period. Even Korea, also once destroyed Zheng, and later seized the Shangdang fortress, but after swallowing the land is also a year worse than a year, the capital of the new Zheng is far less prosperous than Zheng Zichan period, Shangdang mountain people are poor to flee in large numbers, even the garrison supplies are unsustainable.. All these made Zhao Yong toss and turn and unable to settle down. You have to admit that the state of Qin is a completely new Warring States. The laws and regulations are complete, and the government and the public are like arms and fingers. When farmers enter the state of Qin, they have the security of cultivation. When businessmen enter the state, they have the benefits of wealth and goods. When hundreds of workers enter the country of Qin, they are rich in utensils. When elite soldiers enter the army, they are rewarded for their military exploits. When scholars enter the country of Qin, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, their talents are fully used. How can such a state not flourish? What kind of force can stop it between heaven and earth? In contrast, Zhao is far from strong enough. To gain a foothold in the Warring States Period, Zhao had to find a new way! Ambition Mistakes and Falls into a Dangerous Situation Zhao Yong began to act decisively. This has always been his disposition, the plan is uncertain, once the plan is determined, it is fearless to implement, even if there are all kinds of difficulties and dangers, it will never turn back. As dusk fell, he got into a covered wagon with curtains hanging down on all sides and went straight to Feiyi Mansion. Feiyi, who was already white-haired, did not seem to be surprised. He only welcomed the Prince of Zhao into the mansion and then took his seat in awe. He listened to the Prince of Zhao talking about all kinds of magical travels in winter and spring. After talking for more than an hour, Zhao Yongfang said, "If you want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the State of Qin, you have to revise the laws and regulations inside and expand the territory of six thousand miles outside!" "The old minister would like to hear my king's detailed policy, how to amend the law?"? How to go to Tuo in six thousand miles? Fei Yixin knew that the Prince of Zhao had made a success, so he asked first. The internal amendment of the decree was to carry out the second political reform, which, like the state of Qin, dethroned the fief and condensed the national strength. After taking a long breath, Feiyi twitched at the corners of his mouth. "Where is Tuodi?" "Destroy Yan in the north, destroy Zhongshan in the west, and occupy three thousand Li north of Yinshan desert!" Zhao Yong cut the iron firmly. Which step to take first? "Amending the law a little earlier." Zhao Yong exclaimed, "If you practice the law but enter the right path, you will assist the prince in carrying out the new law.". I immediately went north to expand the army. In another ten years, the State of Zhao will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the State of Qin and fight a decisive battle in the Central Plains. Fei Yi was silent for a long time. Zhao Yongda is confused, Feiyi, is my plan wrong? Fat righteousness long hiss, suddenly is a sob to throw oneself at the ground, the old minister pleads guilty! Zhao Yong frightened, hurriedly then hold the fat righteousness, had an accident? Take your time. Come on, sit down. Don't worry. When Fei Yi entered the banquet, he sighed with emotion and told Zhao Yong about a rather strange change in the court situation. Zhao Yong was dumbfounded. It turned out that since Feiyi had served as Zuo Si, it had become his duty to picket the officials. For more than 20 years, no matter what position Feiyi holds, he has never slackened his duties to Zuo Siguo. In particular, Zhao Yong often fought outside the border patrol, and Feiyi paid more attention to the movement in the country. Zhao has always had a tradition of mutiny, that is, Feiyi himself had participated in it, and knew the mystery, so he had placed loyal eyes in the mansions of various powerful ministers in various ways, and secretly reported the unusual movements of powerful ministers to him at any time. Knowing that this practice was not appropriate, Feiyi laid down three rules for his spies: first, they were not allowed to pry into the privacy of the minister's bedroom except for his designated military and political contacts; second, all spies were Zuo Si Guo Fu officials, who received official salaries to handle state affairs, but those who sought personal gains and framed them were killed immediately; third, any secret report was only allowed to be delivered to him through the channels he designated, and could not be disclosed to anyone! As a result of careful and thorough,Magnesium Oxide MgO, nearly twenty years unexpectedly did not make any mistakes, the powerful ministers also did not see any abnormalities, fat righteousness will gradually become solid. 


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