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His voice was low and hoarse, and he told her in her ear, "Your Highness, remember, don't move. Let me live.." Qinglan was not very clear and nodded at random. Buxike squinted and smiled. "Good boy.." he whispered. After that, he closed his eyes for a long time, then opened them again, grabbed Qinglan's hands and pressed them on his chest: "Your Highness later.." You don't have to use a hairpin as a weapon. You just need to hold me, and I will be the weapon to protect you from sleeping. This sentence, suddenly made Qinglan wet eyes, nose tip slightly red, gently inhaled nose, buried his head in his warm arms. Buxike took a deep breath and hugged her with tenderness in his eyes. He put his chin on the top of her head, hugged her tightly, and said in a low voice, "The moment I hugged your Highness, I felt at ease. It was you I asked to marry. I have no regrets in my life.." Qinglan gave him the answer with practical action. She slept quickly and soundly. Come to think of it, his embrace also made her feel at ease. Buxike was awake, listening to her even breathing, laughing and sighing: "a good night is hard to endure, bitter ah..." The next morning, Xiao Qinglan opened her eyes,endless swimming pool, and Buxike was no longer by her side. Her body was cold and heavy, and she called to Mammy softly, feeling that the two calls took all her strength. Mammy came on foot to greet Ann, not looking very well. "Where is the general?" Asked Qinglan. Mammy said, "My son-in-law got up at two o'clock, taunted the old slave, and left the mansion." "What's the dispute about?" Asked Qinglan. Before Mammy Yu could answer, Yingge said,garden jacuzzi tub, "Your Highness, don't worry about it. My son-in-law just glanced at the daily routine and snorted.." Qinglan was embarrassed. They didn't do anything last night. They spoke in a low voice. The living record was about blank. Dissatisfied with Yingge's understatement, Mammy Yu said, "More than.." But Qinglan interrupted her by saying, "Mammy, call the healer." "But what's wrong with your Highness?" Mammy said anxiously, "but the son-in-law is to your Highness." "Nothing to do with him." Qinglan, with a white face, said, "I have a pain in my abdomen." I think it should be in the moon. Mammy sent Yingge to invite her. She pinched her fingers and calculated, saying, "Your Highness's monthly affairs are always not accurate this year. The road to Yanchuan is bumpy and worrying. The old slave has carefully calculated that Your Highness's monthly affairs have not arrived for two months.". The old slave originally wanted to wait for those medicinal materials to be put into storage, please come to see the dowry doctor, open a few prescriptions to recuperate.. Qinglan's thoughts were no longer here, and she was thinking about sleeping together last night. She never thought it would be so warm to sleep in each other's arms. Jiao Jiao is full of energy. No matter what time she sleeps, she will be a good monkey when she wakes up in the morning. She first went to the training ground to greet a circle, China spa factory ,endless swim pool, see Buxi guest in, busy with his tail between his legs, to the fork in the road, at the foot of a turn, Buxi guest's exhortation as a deaf ear, light car familiar road into the princess mansion, jumped into the Hui Zhi courtyard to find Xiao Qinglan play. Qinglan drank the medicine and turned over the book on the couch. Jiao Jiao saw it and her eyes hurt. A book is a thousand miles back. When all the people around Qinglan had gone, Jiao Jiao slipped down and asked, "Are you sick?" Qinglan managed to raise her lips and smiled at her. "You're here again. Aren't you afraid your brother will scold you?" "I run fast, and if he doesn't take me seriously, he can't beat me!" Jiao Jiao finished and asked, "Are you sick?" Qinglan thought for a moment and said to her, "Yes and no.". Jiao Jiao is still young, and you will know when you grow up. Unexpectedly, the tip of Jiao Jiao's nose moved and sniffed the air. Her voice was clear: "Sister, are you bleeding?!" Qinglan's face was even whiter, and the book was scared off. Jiao Jiao smiled and pointed to her nose and said, "My nose is very clever. I can smell who is bleeding when he is injured." "Qinglan was stunned. She pressed her head until she collapsed. She called for someone to come and said," Burn incense. Wait for the incense, and then look back, Jiao Jiao has disappeared. On the training ground, Buxike put on his bow and aimed at the target a hundred paces away. Just as he was about to let go, he heard two cries from the top of his head: "Boss, boss." Buxike ignored her, narrowed one eye and aimed at the red heart. "Don't regret ignoring me, boss," said Jiao Jiao. "Your little daughter-in-law is ill. She drank a big bowl of medicine. It tastes good. I came to report it to you with good intentions, but you don't know good people." Buxike breathed wildly, and with a whoosh, the arrow flew out and deflected a little. He put down his bow and arrow and said, "Shut up and come down!" Jiao Jiao says: "Then you are not allowed to beat me, what owed yesterday is written off!" Buxike: "Did you go to the Princess Mansion again?" "If I don't go," Jiao Jiao groaned, "you don't even know she's sick. I've made a contribution." Buxike looked back at the Princess Mansion and said to himself, "Are you ill?" Buxike blamed himself for his carelessness and forgot that she was tired of traveling. Yanchuan was cold after autumn. How could she not get sick when she was such a delicate little princess like a flower? Buxike put on his coat and strode toward the princess mansion. The author has something to say: Congratulations to my son, warm the bed in my last life, and warm the bed in this life. Buxike: I think the obstacle to my marriage with the princess is the rules and the old zombies from the imperial capital around her. Month: Hey, I can't believe it, so can I! Thank you: the wealth is empty, yutotal, flower er kissed you, sponsored to provide painkillers, Qinglan deeply thanked, and pulled a face of bitterness Buxi guest to bow to everyone. Chapter 8 sweet talk don't stop. Mammy was tending the flower garden outside the porch. While she was away, Qinglan called Yingge and asked her secretly, "Did your son-in-law say anything before he left?" "Yingge put down the food plate and immediately restored what happened this morning to Qinglan." When the emperor's son-in-law came out, the living room officer fell asleep on the table. The emperor's son-in-law picked up the living room record and looked at it. Mammy Yu saw it. Her face was very ugly. She asked the emperor to put it down. The emperor asked her to whisper, "Don't disturb your Highness, and then walk out slowly.." Yingge stood up and raised her chin. "He just stood there,4 person jacuzzi, looking at Mammy like this, and asked Mammy what position she held in the palace." "What did Mammy say?" Asked Qinglan. Yingge imitated Mammy Yu again and said in a thick voice, "The old man is the princess's nurse." "And then?" Qinglan asked. 


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