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Shao Yu also thought of the situation when he saw the target of the mission when he was arrested today. At that time, the target of the mission looked shocked. It was obvious that there was no warning in advance. He had no idea that his identity would be revealed. If he had known about the arrest in advance, what he was holding would not be a gun, but should be. Since the identity has not been revealed, why should the mission target be evacuated? Shao Yu suddenly thought of a possibility that the target of the mission was not evacuated because he was aware of the identity leak, but because he had a successor, the target of the mission may have accepted other tasks, and his original task will be handed over to the next person. Generally speaking, before a spy's identity is exposed, there will be few personnel changes, but it can not be said that there is absolutely no such possibility, so since it is a normal personnel adjustment, then the mission objectives should leave something for the successor. For example, the code book, which is convenient to carry with you, may be taken away or destroyed directly by the mission target, while the successor may bring a new code book, but the gold bars and radio stations, which are inconvenient to transport, are likely to remain. So, that radio station must still be here. But the first and second teams had already dug three feet into the house,digital touch screen board, and even found two hidden compartments, but they did not find the radio station and the code book. The first and second teams did not find anything, but they did not rush to leave. Instead, the three teams exchanged their division of labor again and carried out a second inspection. The first team was responsible for the downstairs, the second team was responsible for the yard, and the third team was in charge of the upstairs. At this time, the second floor was already a mess because of rummaging. Shao Yu looked around behind his colleagues and suddenly found a small balcony in the south. Shao Yu stood on the balcony, reached up and touched it. Looking at the roof very close,smartboard for business, he could not reach it. Shao Yu climbed up the balcony fence directly. At this time, he could touch the roof. He clung to the wall with both hands, leaned his whole body out, leaned his head up, and immediately saw a black thing. Shao Yu directly took that thing down, this thing outside is a layer of black cloth, cloth below is three layers of oil paper, oil paper wrapped in is the radio station! When Zhao Qi saw the radio station, he was pleased and then asked, "Is there a password book on it?" Shao Yu shook his head, but he guessed in his heart that the code book had probably been destroyed, and that the evacuation of the mission target was a planned evacuation, so that he would have enough time to destroy the code book. Although I didn't find the code book, it was a great achievement to find the radio station. Xie Siyuan suffered a gunshot wound and was absent at these times, but his work needed to be replaced. Zhao Qi was promoted to acting captain, interactive panel board ,65 inch touch screen, while Shao Yu was promoted to vice-captain because of his excellent performance. Captain, are you looking for me? When Shao Yu was called to Zhao Qi's office, he still felt a little strange. You take this. Zhao Qi handed Shao Yu a stack of dollars directly. Shao Yu took a cursory look, and the amount was about several thousand yuan. You found that box of gold bars. It's a reward from above. Zhao Qi said. According to their internal regulations, the stolen money seized will not be confiscated at all, and the people found can share part of it, and the big part will be divided up by several big men at the top. Shao Yu made a new look do not understand the rules, carefully asked Zhao Qi again, Zhao Qi also divided some money this time, so looking at Shao Yu also feel pleasing to the eye, then carefully told him about the rules of the money. Shao Yu could not stop nodding, but felt that such corruption could corrupt the rules, no wonder the fruit party was finished. It is reasonable to say that the target of this mission is dead, and there is no information to come, but Shao Yu felt that the courtyard of the target of this mission should still be able to do something. After all, the goal of this task is a normal handover, and the handover content should be made clear in advance, so his handover person should also know that there is a radio station and a large sum of gold here. Such a large sum of property, can do a lot of things, so Shao Yu felt that even if they failed to hand over the task, the handover person guessed that the task target fell into the net, but still may not give up the money, Shao Yu put himself in the position of thinking, if he learned that there is such a sum of money, may also take the risk to check. Shao Yu immediately told Zhao Qi his guess, and then suggested to Zhao Qi to send someone to guard the house to see if he could catch the handover person. When Zhao Qi heard this, he frowned and said, "Where are the stalkers?"? Do you live in that house? If you live in it, it is easy to be found by the handover person, but it will alarm the other party, and then it will be unsuccessful. "You can live next door. I observed it yesterday. There is an idle house next door to that house. The second floor of that house can observe the movement in the yard next door." Shao Yu said. Zhao Qi recalled that there seemed to be such a house, but he still felt that sending someone to monitor it had no effect. He said, "Your heart is good, but we have done similar things before. There is no light at night. Even if someone goes into the house next door in the dark, he doesn't know. So it's not very valuable to do so, and the risk is too big and the benefit is too small." Sending one person may not be able to defeat the other side, but sending two or three people will affect Cory's business. Shao Yu knew that Zhao Qi was afraid of difficulties. Although the personnel of the intelligence section had not been sufficient, it was not to the extent that the allocation of two or three people would affect the normal business. In the final analysis, Zhao Qi was only an acting captain who could not command the team members to do such a thing with low income and long time span, so he would refuse again and again. Why don't you let me go? Just think of it as my time off. Shao Yu said that he was eager to climb up, so he did not want to miss any chance of meritorious service, and he had a hunch that it would not be long before he could gain something. Zhao Qi saw Shao Yu insisted, also no longer entangled, Shao Yu this time also really made a great contribution, agreed to this small request is not a big deal. Shao Yu soon went home to prepare ten days of dry food, his own action, did not rent the house next door, but directly into the mission target of the house. Shao Yu not only brought enough dry food,smart interactive whiteboard, in order to reduce the sound of water pipes, directly received two buckets of water at one time, quietly lurking in the house. hsdsmartboard.com 


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