Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

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Relying on the courage inspired and the belief of defending the city, the people of Pillez were fighting like a group of real soldiers at that time. Although they fought at a loss and even did not know what to do, the great advantage of the defending side made up for their unfamiliarity with the war. At that time, Alex only hoped that the enemy would persevere for the sake of the so-called dignity and the stubbornness of thinking that he could attack Chengtou with a little more effort, because only in that way could he kill the enemy before the courage of the Pilliz people disappeared. And only in that way can the Bulgarians finally give up and retreat because they can't bear the huge casualties. But Alex's hopes were disappointed, and the retreat of the Bulgarians shortly after the attack made Alex feel the horror of the other side. He did not know whether he could withdraw from the attack if he was in the position of the other side, but Alex's heart sank as he looked at the Bulgarians who had withdrawn immediately. The figure of Aseline appeared not far away, still in the linen dress of an ordinary young Greek woman. Even her hands were empty and she was not carrying any weapons. The way she walked on the city's head made people look like she was walking casually in the street, but even Alex could not help but admit that looking at Aseline, who did not seem to put everything that had just happened in front of her eyes, the people of Pillez, who were nervous again, could not help but become relaxed. "This is an amazing woman," whispered Delze, walking beside Alex, his eyes flickering with passion. "I think she's like a princess Andromeda bound to a reef, wondering who is the one who can save her." Delzer's words made Alex frown slightly. The young commander of the guards glanced sideways at the robber next to him. Finally, after a slight hesitation, he whispered: "Because I fought with you, so listen to my advice not to do stupid things. This woman is not close to you, or I will have to kill you before you do stupid things." "You are such a loyal knight," Delzer looked at Alex interestingly. "You know, you are the most loyal person I have ever met, but that makes me want to know the Viscount Gombray. I want to see what kind of person he is that can make you so loyal." "I just hope you don't get your head cut off by me because of your persistence." Alex ignored Delzer and walked over to meet Aseline. It was only when he got closer and looked closer that Alex could see the same worry in Aseline's eyes as himself, and as he accompanied Aseline down the wall, he heard a low sigh from Aseline. Alex, how long do you think we can hold on? Aseline's words made Alex's heart jump slightly. He looked at the busy crowd around him and whispered in a hurried tone, "Miss, you can't stay in this city either as Aseline or as Zoe. You must leave.". Know that your lordship's army may appear at any time, and as long as you can avoid the Bulgarians, face recognition identification , you will soon be able to meet him. "And then right next to him, when his lovely mistress obeys his orders?" Alex was stunned by Aselin's words. He did not know how to answer with a series of vague sounds, and then tried to dissuade Aselin from leaving immediately. But Arceline clearly rejected Alex's offer before jumping on the horse. I know you're loyal to Renger, which makes it all the more important that you understand why I insist on putting this city in Renger's hands, for him. It is his greatest wish now to win the whole Thrace, so I want to help him realize this wish. Aseline finished, tightening the reins, and at the same time her mouth burst into a high-pitched whistle, "a girl less than fifteen years old, because her identity can make Lunge from a peasant soldier to a count, then I can make him from a count to a king!" With that, Aseline shook the reins and sped down the street. Looking at Arceline's back, Alex's mouth could not help but hang a trace of bitterness, he took a deep breath, and finally made up his mind to turn back to his waiting men and give orders: "Pass the order, tear down the nearby houses and reinforce the walls, no matter what, we must defend Pearlliz!" The new Bulgarian attack came in the early morning, and when the Pillitz were so tired after a night of suffering that they could hardly open their eyes, a horn sounded from the distant plain. It was a very different kind of horn from the Romans, and the whole sound seemed to come from the mouth of a large, sharp bird, full of screams. The sound of the trumpet spread all the way along the wheat field, and as it got closer and closer, the Pilleys saw that the wheat field on the other side of the river began to appear in groups of Bulgarians gathering towards the river bank. Even in the heat of May, the Bulgarians, dressed in heavy clothes, looked like wild animals moving around, which made the Romans begin to fear. The courage that had broken out with the help of the prepared massacre in the previous night seemed to have gradually disappeared with the exhaustion of the night. They looked at each other nervously. From time to time, some people ran to the priest to pray because of fear, and some people asked the priest to make a final confession for themselves. Please let us go piously and cleanly, "they prayed to the equally pale priest, and at the same time they did not forget to look fearfully at the Bulgarians who had begun to cross the river outside the city.". Prince Otto, with the help of a servant, had just jumped on the raft that had been made overnight when he was ordered to stay by Asen. All you have to do is let my people see that you are among them. Asen shook his head slightly. "If you are too reckless or too enthusiastic, people will only misunderstand that you are anxious to get more power from me." 。 


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