Tian Cang Yu of Hokage

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Cang Yu turned his head and slowly opened his eyes in the direction of the two men. Black Dream. The blue light flashed away, and when he looked again, Cang Yu's eyes had been restored to their original state, which made people wonder if the blue just now was wrong. However, the two men who were in the air suddenly fell to the ground with a somersault. Cang Yu didn't even look at them again and went straight upstairs. You A man was about to shout to stop Cang Yu when he was interrupted by Cang Yu. Don't worry.. Those two idiots will enjoy themselves in a nightmare at most, and they won't die. Also, advise you to withdraw that low-level illusion as soon as possible, that kind of thing can only deceive some simple-minded guys. Pediatric stuff. Cang Yu led the crowd slowly up the stairs. Hey, bad brother, what do you mean? Do you think I'm stupid? Naruto followed angrily. I didn't say that. But I don't care if you think so. You.. I'm so angry! When their voices faded away, the petrified people downstairs gradually recovered. It's so terrible. Who is that guy? "It's said to be this year's genius Xisheng." "What is that blue." Do you write wheel eyes? The crowd began to discuss. Only those who endure a heavy sigh of relief, worthy of Cang Yu young master ah, illusion attainments unexpectedly so high, just a glance can let two endure in the illusion. Our illusion is really just a child's play. "Cang Yu, you're here!" Kakashi, with a silver head, was watching "Making Out in Paradise" with relish and looked up when he heard footsteps. "" Cang Yu nodded,x70 line pipe, "I brought Naruto and all of them." "Oh, my lovely disciples, you are here at last." Has been holding a toothpick do not know where the fire Xuanjian do not know leisurely walk out, but was directly ignored by the crowd. Even Kakashi doesn't care about him. He just stares at "Making Out in Paradise" with divine light in his eyes! Cang Yu never knew that Kakashi's eyes could be so hot! "Hey, hey.." Am I so unpopular? I don't know, Huo Xuan gave a wry smile. Of course.. Every time you are the most lazy one, there is no difference between existence and non-existence,347 stainless steel, do not ignore who you ignore? Everyone was thinking at the same time. All right, get in there! Cang Yu walked forward silently and pushed the door open. Everybody "Come on." The toothpick man suddenly said. "" Cang Yu silently nodded, looked at the unknown fire between one eye, came in. Naruto and the others went in after Kakashi's exhortation. Hey, Cang Yu! As soon as they went in, they came up to meet them. When they pushed the door and entered, all the eyes gathered here, Cang Yu and Kimimaro frowned and did not speak, Bai and Sakura were obviously nervous. At this time, all the fifteen people in the village gathered. Tooth, Shino, Hatsuhita, 316 stainless steel plate ,x60 line pipe, Shikamaru, Toji, Ino, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Cang Yu, Bai, Kimimaro, and even Ningji are here. All together. It seems that we are competitors. Said the tooth with ease. The rest are just as confident. You have a lot of confidence, tooth. Naruto said. Well, we've been specially trained, and we're no worse than you. "Well, anyway, let's work together." Teeth said, everyone looked at each other with a smile, at the same time stretched out their hands, one by one together, at the same time together under pressure, did a refueling action. Although Cang Yu felt that this action was very boring, but. It's nice to be a kid once in a while. Too mature is not good. One side of Xiao Li began to cling to Xiao Ying's pursuit plan. It seems that I was rejected by Sakura a few days ago because my eyebrows were too thick. It seems that it has been decadent for several days. What, come back to life so soon? Not afraid of failure, ambitious! However, the side of Naruto can not bear to see. In order to stop the two of them from fighting, Cang Yu hurriedly called Ning Ci and Tiantian to pull Xiao Li away. You must be the twelve new people who have just graduated from school. You look like you're having a good time and making a lot of noise here. Really, this is not a hike. As soon as they left Ningji, a man with a silver-white head came. Pocket? Cang Yu looked at him with an imperceptible smile at the corners of his mouth. Dou, how much strength do you hide? Ino looked at him and said unhappily, "Who are you? You look very arrogant." "I am the medicine man." Dou said. Soon, the pharmacist pocket slowly followed the twelve people to mix together, however, Cang Yu and the side of Kimimaro is very alert, he estimated that he also felt the breath of danger! It's just that there's no expression on the surface. While talking with Yao Shi Dou, Yao Shi Dou was attacked by Yin Ren. Put on a good show. But if you weren't so talented, you wouldn't want it. Isn't that right.. Orochimaru? Cang Yu looked at the medicine man who pretended to be wounded and thought to himself. All right, all right, now, everybody be quiet and take the exam. The exam officially began, Cang Yu looked at the test paper in front of him,x52 line pipe, but his eyes were floating, and he fell asleep directly on the table. It's not that Cang Yu doesn't know how to do it. The secret code of Zhongren is a child's play for him who has been in the dark. The Book of Seals even has a secret code of communication between countries. Is he still afraid of this? Anyway, just answer the last question. A lazy man like him will not waste his energy. lksteelpipe.com 


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